Camping Terms and Conditions


We respectfully ask that all persons observe the following terms and conditions to maintain the friendly and relaxed atmosphere on this quiet site.  


The site is suitable for families and couples only.  On arrival please report to the Farm and pay the appropriate fee - if no one is available then you can pitch your tent/caravan and we will meet with you on our return.


There are lots of animals and birds that roam our grounds, and their safety and wellbeing are just as important as you being able to enjoy our site!  We therefore request that extreme care is taken when going about Row Brow Farm.  Please ensure that children and pets do not chase the animals or feed them with inappropriate foods.




Well behaved dogs are welcomed, but they must remain under control and on a lead at all times.  They are not allowed into any of the farm buildings or into either of the ponds. Dog excrement must be picked up and disposed of immediately.





Rubbish and Waste

All rubbish must be put into refuse sacks, tied and placed in the bins provided.  Please do no leave rubbish bags open and laying about.


Waste water can be emptied down designated drains.


Please do not drop litter and ensure all breakages are picked up and disposed of immediately.


Toilets and Showers


Please keep these areas clean and free from empty bottles.


Blocked sewage pipes are not pleasant therefore wipes, nappies, sanitary ware and cloths of any kind MUST NOT be flushed down the toilets.  Please wrap and dispose of these in the bins provided.


Children under 6 must be accompanied when using the toilets and showers.

Camping Field


Open fires are not allowed, however raised barbeques are in designated areas.  They must not encroach onto another pitch, and be kept away from trees and hedges.


Hook ups are suitable for lighting, TV and low wattage domestic appliances only.  They are not suitable for cookers and heaters.


Groundsheets depending on the ground conditions and length of stay, you may be asked to lift them to preserve the grass for other visitors.


Noise - we ask that you consider others and keep music, TV, barking dogs and children's noise to an acceptable level. Quiet time is 10.00pm

And lastly......


The owners of the site are absolved from all liabilty for accident to tents, caravans and motor homes and will not be held responsible for loss of or damage to personal possessions and property.


The owners reserve the right to ask any persons not observing the above conditions and/or creating a nuisance to immediately vacate the site.


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